How do I search for a product (map, brochure, ...) on this webshop? 

There are 3 search options:

  • via your preferred region you can look for products you want;
  • via the recreation type. You can choose between walking, cycling, horse-riding and car touring; 
  • via the webshop’s search engine you can look up the name of the map or product.

Do I have to log in/register to place an order?

No, you can also place an order as an anonymous user and enter your details each time you order.

Why should I register?

Once you are registered, your details are stored and you don’t have to enter them each time you order something. This is obviously done with respect for your privacy. You can amend your details at any time.

How can I log in/register?

Using your UIT-ID. You can create this via the ‘register’ button at the top of the webshop home page or via www.uitid.be. 

You can also create an UIT-ID via an existing Facebook, LinkedIn, Google or Twitter account.

I am getting an error message. What should I do now? 

If the webshop is not working, or you get an error message, let us know:

  • By phone on + 32 50 30 55 00 (on weekdays during office hours)
  • Via e-mail to info@westtoer.be 

When will my order arrive? 

Your package will be dispatched as soon as we have received payment. Delivery time is max. 1 week. This delivery time generally applies to orders of free products as well. 

Please note: during peak periods, delivery time for free orders may be longer than a week. This is not the case for products that are paid for.