Pionier (Zonnebeke - Wervik - Wervicq-Sud - Bousbecque - Comines - Mesen - Comines-Warneton)


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Car routes
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75 km
Starting point: 
Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917
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The Pioneer Route explores the area behind the old German front of 1914-1918. Today, this area straddles the borders of France, Flanders and Wallonia. But during the war there were no such borders.  The Flemish town of Wervik and the French town of Wervicq-Sud were merged together to form a single municipality. The German ‘Pioniere’ - pioneer troops or military engineers - were a common sight throughout the region. They were responsible for the building and maintenance of roads, concrete bunkers, munitions depots, field hospitals.... The car route ‘Pionier’ (75 km), signposted with six-sided direction boards, will take you to all these places.

Available in Dutch, French and English.