Poperinge heritage walking route


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5,5 km
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Toerisme Poperinge, Grote Markt 1, 8970 Poperinge
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Poperinge made its name in the Middle Ages with its blooming textile industry. Within no time, the high-earning traders brought in enough money to build three impressive Gothic churches, which continue to dominate the skyline. Later, hop became the export product. Poperinge was one of the most important centres for hop cultivation. The beer wall in the hop museum shows the collection of beers made with Belgian hops. Various manor houses and former hop warehouses remind us of this boom period. During WWI, POP, as the British soldiers called Poperinge, was at a safe distance from the front. The soldiers had a chance to catch their breath there. During this city walk we come face to face with the hop and beer culture and 18th-century manor houses that bear witness to the past and the traces of life behind the front line.