Damse Vaart-walk


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11,8 km
Starting point: 
Visit Damme, Jacob van Maerlantstraat 3, 8340 Damme
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A vast polder landscape now stretches across a landscape that once saw caravels sailing to Bruges down the Zwingeul channel. The Damse Vaart walking route winds along age-old dykes with stories to tell and perfectly straight canals rich in history. Take a step out of time and go exploring in Damme and Oostkerke. Stop for a break with a visit to true gems like the Verbrand Fort, Romboutswerve nature reserve, and De Stadswallen. 400 years ago, the region was the site of front lines in the war between the Spanish and the Dutch. Today it's a natural paradise where meadow birds like the lapwing and black-tailed godwit are right at home.