De Haan - Wenduine


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Sometimes we hear comments on how De Haan never feels overly crowded, not even in the high season. And it’s true: De Haan is not just a restful place but also offers activities for the young and the not-so-young, delicious and affordable gastronomy, wonderful nature ...

Strolling on the sea wall in Wenduine, the dune forests that link De Haan with Vosseslag on the one hand and Wenduine on the other, the polder villages Klemskerke and Vlissegem that are made for cycling ... and let’s not forget the beach and the sea! There are plenty of reasons to come and experience De Haan for yourself!

De Haan - Wenduine is pure nostalgia and family feeling. A place where children are captain on the play boats on the beach and a skate plaza overlooks the sea, where playgrounds dot parks and forests, where Norman villas and events like Trammelant and Retro sur Mer create a unique heritage experience, where cycling routes meander through picturesque polder villages, where visitors can sample top gastronomy and a host of speciality products and where precious memories soothe heavy hearts as a memorable holiday draws to a close ...

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