The Three castles walk


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13 km
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Hoofdstartplaats Parking Wittemolenstraat (domein tillegembos), Tweede startplaats Parking Zeeweg (domein tudor)
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The Three Castles walking trail takes you on a tour of discovery through the grounds of Tillegem, Tudor, Beisbroek and Chartreuzinnenbos. You will discover the varied woodland south of Bruges while following the route along footpaths and tree-lined avenues, and through forests, moorlands, grasslands, and orchards. Along the way, the Tillegem, Tudor and Beisbroek castles stand as witness to the wealthy world inhabited by the Bruges elite throughout the centuries. In addition, the route will take you past the historic ‘Hoeve Aandekooi’, ‘Hoeve Pereboom’ and ‘Hoeve Hermitage’ farmsteads, as well as the ‘Ster’, the horse mill and the former monastery of Carthusian nuns ‘Sint-Anna-ter-Woestijne’.