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Route Network
3244 km
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The 3,180 km long cycling network offers days of relaxing cycling through the most beautiful spots in the Province of West-Flanders. The cycling network box contains the cycling network maps for the four regions in a handy box. As a bonus, the box also contains a handy and fun pocket map with ten suggestions of routes on the nodes of the new West-Flanders Cycling Network. 

The principle of the nodes could not be simpler. A cycling network is a set of carefully selected and marked cycling paths. The points at which several cycling routes cross paths are known as nodes and are given a number. Using the node number, you can then choose the direction in which you wish to cycle. The West-Flanders Cycling Network includes 1,045 cycling nodes: 306 in the Bruges area, 258 in the Leiestreek region, 371 in the Westhoek region and 110 on the coast.

A two-sided map was issued for each of the 4 regions: Westhoek Cycling Network, Bruges Area Cycling Network, Leiestreek Area Cycling Network (both East- and West-Flanders) and The Coast Cycling Network. The routes along the coast are linked to the cycling networks in the Westhoek area and the Bruges Area.