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There are a lot of different aspects to Knokke-Heist so summing up this seaside resort in one phrase is not an easy feat. The territory of our municipality is defined on the one hand by the rich polder landscape an on the other hand by 10 kilometres of uninterrupted sandy beaches and the sea.

To the north the town borders on Zeeland Flanders and the Netherlands. But the Zwin Estuary is hardly bothered by this fact. Nor are the many flights of migratory birds which fly to and fro. The Netherlands are just a stone's throw away and you can reach them by bike along the Internationale Dijk, part of a dense cycling network. Or do you prefere a more laid-back approach to life? Whiling away the time on a sunny terrace stealing glances at the passers-by? Or a Michelin-worthy dining experience or equally delicious mussels and French fries? Window shopping is fun and it won't cost you a thing. Are you interested in acquiring a 'piece unique'? Most of the leading high-end brands have a flagship store in Knokke. Passion for beauty is ingrained in Knokke's genes, which is why you can find art collections of various styles in the town's sixty galleries.

If you visit Knokke-Heist, it's because you love style and because you live your life in style. Welcome!