City walk Nieuwpoort


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7,8 km
Starting point: 
Bezoekerscentrum 'Westfront Nieuwpoort', Kustweg 1, 8620 Nieuwpoort
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This itinerary summarizes the highlights of the historic city of Nieuwpoort into a single walk. You will learn about its foundation in the Middle-Ages, the city's development, its fate during the war, reconstruction, and its maritime and marine engineering history. Starting from the ‘Westfront’ Visitors' Centre, the route takes you to the 'De Ganzepoot' locks complex, the 'Bommenvrij' fortifications, the Town square and the bed of the former railway line known as the Frontzate. The 'De Lenspolder' petting zoo, the Marina and the Fish Market are also on the itinerary of this 7.7 km route. The route is signposted with rivets.

Only available in Dutch.