Westtoer is the autonomous provincial company (apb) for tourism and recreation in West Flanders. Westtoer has its own legal personality.


Westtoer is positioned between the level of the Flanders Region and the underlying players (municipalities, the private sector). Its main role is to coordinate these underlying forces. In order to achieve this, Westtoer divides the province into regions: the Belgian Coast, Brugse Ommeland (the Bruges Region), Westhoek (Maritime Flanders, Leiestreek (the Lys Region). The partners from the municipalities and the private sector join together in close partnerships, supported by financial and human resources.




Westtoer’s activities are categorised as follows: 


  • Personnel, Administration & Finances
  • Knowledge Development
  • Recreation
  • Tourism Development
  • Marketing
  • Regional Operations




Mission Westtoer


On behalf of the province of West Flanders, it is Westtoer’s mission to draw up the tourism/recreation policy and to help implement this.


  • we support tourism in West Flanders as an economic sector. We draw in purchasing power from outside the region with attractive tourism products and by promoting West Flanders in the relevant markets;
  • we support supra-local open-air recreation in West Flanders. We develop attractive, competitive products and communicate them to the people of West Flanders and tourists visiting West Flanders.






As a provincial company, Westtoer wants to create added value for four types of customers:


  • the Province of West Flanders
  • the West Flanders municipalities
  • entrepreneurs in the West Flanders tourism sector
  • consumers of tourism and open-air recreation products


Management and maintenance of our recreational products


  • 600 men and women volunteers who regularly check routes and networks and pass on their observations
  • Follow-up via a completely digitised system
  • 4 technical staff on the terrain 



More information (in Dutch)


www.westtoer.be - www.dekust.be - www.toerismewesthoek.be - www.toerismeleiestreek.be - www.brugseommeland.be - www.fietsen-wandelen.be