Westtoer sales conditions

Westtoer is the autonomous provincial company for tourism and recreation of the Province of West-Flanders. Westtoer provides services (eg. consultancy) and goods (eg. maps, brochures, etc.).


The following general conditions of sale shall apply:


  • Our invoices shall be payable automatically and without formal notice at the latest 1 month after the invoice date.
  • Complaints regarding invoices shall only be accepted within 2 weeks after the invoice date. All complaints must be made in writing and sent by registered letter.
  • In the event of non-payment or partial payment, the client shall receive a reminder and a formal notice successively.
  • Arrears for late payment of invoices shall amount to 1.5% per month and such interest may be automatically charged without formal notice from the due date of the invoice.
  • In the event of non-payment of the invoice by the due date, as a result of negligence or malice, and after formal notice has been given, the invoiced amount may be automatically increased by 10% as liquidated damages for extrajudicial costs.
  • The courts of Bruges shall have jurisdiction over any dispute relating to invoices issued by Westtoer apb.


Additional provisions relating to goods (maps, brochures, etc.) are listed below. Said provisions shall prevail over the general provisions if they deviate from them.


Westtoer apb's sales conditions contain general and specific conditions. The specific sales conditions contain provisions for certain products and/or types of clients; they shall supersede the general conditions where they deviate from the latter.


The sales conditions govern the entire contractual relationship between Westtoer apb and the client. Any deviation from the conditions must be the subject of a separate written agreement. Failure by Westtoer apb to exercise its rights provided for under these conditions may not be considered as a waiver of its right to do so in the future.


Westtoer shall have the right to modify these sales conditions at any time and without prior notice. The changes shall take effect for all purchases from the moment at which they appear on the website, or at a later date explicitly communicated by Westtoer.


General conditions


The seller is Westtoer apb, whose registered office is located at
Koning Albert I-laan 120
8200 Brugge Sint-Michiels
Tel.: +32 (0)50/ 30 55 00
E-mail: info@westtoer.be

The VAT number is BE 0267.388.418.

SRypes of sales

We differentiate sales according to product and according to the type of client.



  • Paid products: mostly maps of hiking, cycling, pedestrian and horse, car or skating trails and of walking or cycling networks, but also books, for instance.
  • Free brochures: promotional publications that are free.
  • Paid tickets for events organized by (or in association with) Westtoer.


Types of clients

  • Personen: individuals
  • Organizations (such as the Tourism Department, for instance)


The sales conditions may vary depending on the product or the type of client.


  • The prices of the paid products indicated on the website are including VAT and excluding shipping costs.
    The prices of the Westtoer products are subject to change at any time.
  • For orders made through the website, the price given at the time of ordering shall apply.


  • The person/organization placing the order shall be considered the sole purchaser. Only he/it shall be held liable for payment.
  • An online order shall imply acceptance by the user of the general and specific conditions that apply at such time.
  • If the buyer is an organization, it shall first be registered as a client and a procedure shall be agreed upon enabling employees of the organization to place correct orders.
  • If the buyer is a person, Westtoer apb shall only accept online orders if the user has identified themselves in a sufficiently clear manner.
  • Westtoer reserves the right to refuse the requested order if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that the information provided is inaccurate or incomplete.

Personal information

Westtoer may use your personal data to notify you at a later stage about the products offered and/or the region to which the products purchased relate. This is done in the context of the legitimate interest of promoting West Flanders and providing information about the tourist and recreational opportunities available in West Flanders. If you do not wish us to use your data, you can notify us accordingly via www.westtoer.be/dataverwerking


  • The ordered products shall be sent to the address provided by the client at their/its expense, unless expressly stated otherwise.
  • The shipping costs to be paid by the client shall be clearly stated before the user places their final order.
  • Shipping costs may be charged for both maps and brochures.
  • Westtoer can make shipping arrangements with organizations whereby the costs may be wholly or partly borne by Westtoer. These agreements are the subject of a separate agreement.


  • The products ordered by individuals shall be shipped upon receipt of the payment, which may only be made by means of an electronic payment card for Internet orders.
  • Organizations shall receive an invoice for their orders, which must be paid after delivery. The payment term is 30 calendar days after the invoice date.

Delivery term

  • Westtoer aims for a delivery term of maximum 5 business days, but it may not be held liable if the term is longer.
  • If – due to a stock shortage or due to circumstances beyond our control - products cannot be delivered within 30 calendar days at the most after the order, Westtoer apb shall inform the client of such via E-mail. In this case, the client may opt to cancel the order. Westtoer apb shall then pay back the amount already paid by the client.
  • In case the order can only be partially delivered, Westtoer shall inform the client of such by E-mail. In such case, the client shall have the choice of either cancelling the delivery, possibly in part, or of having the order delivered in two partial deliveries: the available part directly and the unavailable part as soon as possible. In such cases, the shipping costs shall be limited to the amount that would have been charged if the client had received their order in a single delivery.
  • Westtoer apb shall reimburse any possible shipping costs that were overpaid.
  • Westtoer apb may not be held liable for damages caused by non-delivery or late delivery.

The right to cancel purchase

  • The client shall have the right to cancel the purchase during a period of 14 calendar days from the date of delivery. The client may exercise this right by returning the products to Westtoer apb at their own cost and risk. Provided that the products are still in perfect condition, the original order including shipping costs borne by Westtoer apb shall be reimbursed within 14 business days following notification by the client.
  • The shipping costs reimbursed by Westtoer shall be limited to the value of a standard shipment if the client originally chose a more expensive shipping option.
  • Returns can be registered on https://www.westtoer.be/nl/return-form

Problems/complaints relating to an order or a delivery

  • The client is requested to report any problems relating to an order or a delivery to Westtoer apb within a reasonable time. Complaints shall only be accepted if they are reported within 14 calendar days after the subject of the complaint occurred to the client.
  • Only written complaints shall be accepted (by E-mail or by letter).
  • In the event of complaints regarding orders or deliveries, Westtoer apb's liability shall always be limited to the value of the products in question.producten.

Means of proof

The client and Westtoer apb shall accept electronic means of proof as part of their agreement.

Electronic property rights

  • The content and structure of Westtoer apb's websites, including trademarks, logos, drawings, data and the underlying databases, product- or company names, texts, images, etc. are protected by intellectual rights and belong to Westtoer apb or entitled third parties.
  • Any distribution, reproduction, sale or other use of these works, regardless of manner or form, whether or not for profit, is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Westtoer apb.
  • Storing information from Westtoer's websites in a database is expressly prohibited.verboden.

Limitation of liability

  • Westtoer apb makes every effort to ensure that the information made available on the websites is complete and accurate. However, Westtoer apb may not be held liable for direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of the information on its websites. Pictures and product descriptions may not be considered binding as against Westtoer apb.
  • If the client should find inaccuracies in the information made available by Westtoer apb through its websites, they may contact Westtoer via info@westtoer.be.
  • The content of the sites may be changed or supplemented at any time without prior notice.
  • Westtoer apb does not guarantee the proper functioning of its websites and can in no way be held liable for poor functioning or temporary unavailability of said websites or for any form of direct or indirect damages resulting from access to or use of the sites.
  • The websites may contain hyperlinks to other sites or to pages belonging to third parties, or indirectly link to such. The posting of such links in no way implies an implicit approval of the content. Westtoer apb may in no case be held liable for the content or features of such or for any other form of damages resulting from the use thereof.

Force majeure

  • Westtoer apb shall not be held liable for force majeure that slows down or prevents the execution of this agreement.
  • The following is a non-exhaustive list of that which shall be considered force majeure: strikes, natural disasters, floods, fire, occupation, extreme weather conditions, government measures, technical faults, incorrect or non-delivery by the postal service.
  • Westtoer shall not be required to furnish proof of the unforeseeable or unavoidable nature of such force majeure events.

Possible invalidity of any provision

  • The invalidity of one or more components of these conditions shall in no event cause the invalidity of the entire agreement and shall only cause the invalidity of the part in question.
  • The other conditions shall therefore remain fully applicable.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

In the event of any dispute concerning the sales conditions or a situation not provided for in these conditions, Belgian law shall apply and the courts of the judicial district of Bruges shall have jurisdiction.



Specific conditions

Specific conditions relating to paid products (maps, etc.)

  • Westtoer apb regularly applies modifications to its maps. These are usually minor modifications such as adding or editing information whereby the previous version of the map, in combination with the signage, remains perfectly usable for driving or walking along the relevant route/network. Minor modifications are not announced.
  • This may also involve larger modifications whereby the situation on the (old) map no longer corresponds to the new conditions on site, resulting in the map no longer being usable (e.g. adding, deleting or moving nodes and/or radically changing pathways). Where possible, such major changes are always announced at least 6 months prior to the publication of a new map. For this reason, we advise organizations/resellers to purchase stock which covers sales for a maximum of 6 months.
  • Any map Westtoer reprints because it was no longer up to date can be exchanged. All maps of the previous edition can be exchanged for the same number of maps, free of charge. Unfortunately maps of earlier editions can only be swapped for half the number of their most recent counterparts. Maps in various languages may only be exchanged against versions in the same language.
  • As Westtoer is in the process of revamping a number of recreational products, which may lead to some routes being cancelled, we will be happy to exchange any maps concerned. All maps of the previous edition can be exchanged for the same number of maps, free of charge. Unfortunately maps of earlier editions can only be swapped for half the number of their most recent counterparts. Maps in various languages may only be exchanged against versions in the same language.
  • Such exchange of maps is only possible for organizations/resellers, not for individuals. 


  • No right to cancel the purchase
  • Contrary to what is provided for in the general conditions, Westtoer apb shall never accept returns of free brochures that were delivered to the client.teruggenomen.

Tickets for events

  • No physical tickets
  • There are no physical tickets for events.
  • Registrations are confirmed by way of an E-mail confirmation which shall serve as proof of registration.
  • At the event, the buyer may be requested to show their identity card in order to verify the validity of the registration.gaan.

Final registration

  • Registration for an event happens at the time of sending the confirmation E-mail.
  • However, it is only final upon receipt of the payment.
  • The purchase shall be considered void if the ticket is not paid within 7 calendar days after sending of the confirmation E-mail.

Ban on the resale of tickets

Tickets for events may not be resold to third parties, nor transferred to third parties as part of a commercial relationship.

Right to cancel the purchase

  • The buyer of a ticket shall have the right to cancel their purchase.
  • As stipulated in the general conditions, they shall have a period of 14 calendar days to do so. However, this period is limited to 24h prior to the start of the event. This means that the right to cancel the purchase shall expire 24 hours before the start of the event.
  • Cancelling the purchase of a ticket is free of charge, in principle, unless otherwise expressly stated in the order.

Limitation of liability

Westtoer apb may not be held liable for damages or losses due to changes of location, price or date, or due to cancellation of the event.

Reimbursement of a ticket

  • Ticket shall only be reimbursed when the event is cancelled or pursuant to the proper exercise of the right to cancel the purchase.
  • Any reimbursements shall be made to the original buyer.
  • The buyer of a ticket who does not show up on the day of the event shall not be entitled to a refund.
  • Also, tickets may not be returned or exchanged in the event of loss or theft.